readGenotypes reads genotyping data from project specific genotyping Google sheets.

readGenotypes(gsKey, col_types = "?")



a vector containing the google sheet keys for the genotype data to load. Your Google Sheet keys are found in your Google sheets URL. Select the string found between the slashes after spreadsheets/d in your Google Sheet URL.


a single string of readr-style short codes. Default is to let the column classes be guessed col_types = "?". See details here: If using the nematode genotyping template, the correct col_types are "cDDdcdcddddddDcDDdcdcdddddddcdcccddccc". If using the general genotyping template, the correct col_types are "cccdcc". If using a customized genotyping sheet the user can specify the correct column classes or allow the fucnction to guess.


A dataframe generated from the Google sheets gsKey argument. If multiple Google sheets are provided the data are appended using rbind. Note, the genotyping sheet must contain variable names specified by the wild_isolate_genotyping_template and the data must be found on the sheet named genotyping template.