This section is for adding genomic sequencing data (.tsv files) onto the existing dataset provided and displayed on the NILs browser page on

Basic Commands To Know Prior

You should freshen up on the following terminal commands.

  • cd - change directories
  • rm - delete files
  • cp - make a copy
  • git

Your Sequencing Data

In order for your sequencing data to be properly added, it is important to make sure that there are no empty/additional lines located at the bottom of your .tsv file.

What you do not want What you do not want

What you do want What you do want

Once your file has no empty lines at the bottom, save the file and move onto the next instructions below.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Add your .tsv file into the pages folder of your Andersenlab github directory.

  2. Open terminal and use the cdcommand to change directories into the pages folder in your Andersenlab github directory. If you did everything correctly, when you type ls into your terminal, it should look something like this.

What your terminal should look lik

  1. Then run the following commands in your terminal (while still in your pages directory):
$ cp yourFileName.tsv copy.tsv
$ python
  1. After running the above commands, your sequencing data has now been added to the existing NILs dataset on You can now remove your .tsv from the pages directory by using the rm command in your terminal.

  2. Finally, commit your changes and push your code to update the Andersenlab github.